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Which state has the largest mountain peak?


What is the only foreign controlled region in south america?


Mount st helens and the loma prieta

Mount st Helens erupted in 1980. the loma prieta earthquake in California in 1989. how far apart are these two places and was there a possible connection between these two events? list reasons why and why not.

What is the total circumference of the Earth?


What does the arithmetic density of the population of a country tell us? what does it not tell us? use China as an examples to explain this problem.


Which nations had coastlines on the North Sea?


Stereotypes or Person Prototypes

Stereotypes or Person Prototypes
Describe in detail each prototype, including appearance and personality characteristics.

1). Describe in detail High School Students who are (Nerds/Smart students) their appearance and personality characteristics.
2). Describe in detail High School Students who are (Popular /Cool Kids) their appearance and personality characteristic
3). Describe in detail High School Students who are (Jocks/Athletes) their appearance and personality characteristics

Relationship Development

Relationship Development
1) Think about the progression of relationships in your life. How is your communication different when you first meet a stranger, when you get to know the person and find something in common, and when you get to be good friends?

2) Does it change significantly if you establish an intimate relationship with that person?

3) Have you experienced the dialectical tensions described by Leslie Baxter and William Rawlins? Baxter and Rawlins have written about the tensions that beset individuals as they try to balance the demands of a relationship and their own personal needs. Baxter and Rawlins argue that individual must face three sets of tensions as they decide how much of themselves to invest in relationships. These are called the expressive-protective, the autonomy-togetherness, and the novelty-predictability dialectics.

4) How have you resolved them?

5) Have you known people whose relationships broke apart because they could not resolve dialectical tensions?

World without interpersonal communication

World without interpersonal communication
What would the world be like without interpersonal communication?

Asian financial crisis and Thailand

Asian financial crisis and Thailand
How was the Asian financial crisis influenced by overdevelopment in Thailand

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