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Taiwan?s trade posture

Write an essay on Taiwan?s trade posture serving as original equipment manufacturer against developing own brands to sell in the global market and acquire market leadership in automobile industry.

Guidelines for writing Assignment

Assignment should be typed in 12-point font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced.

Please use minimum 3 references, published after 2002 from peer reviewed journals. It will be an assignment of technically six (6) pages writing, with one for the title page and one for the reference (or bibliography) list.

effect of computer on young people

please make the topic discussion about:

Explain the reasons for the growing concern in the excessive use of computer games and screen technology and consider the following question : how valid are the fears about their effects on young people ?

legal practice

Assume that as of you have practiced law for 5 years. You and two other like-minded colleagues have decided to form an entity for the purpose of delivery of legal services to potential clients. You have decided to do so in a creative way other than just joining another firm. And, you have selected a legal niche that is not completely traditional. You have the ability to borrow enough operating capital to finance the entity for 12 months. Each of you has sufficient personal clients to bill about 100 hours on client matters. One of your objectives is to focus on fee structures other than solely billing by the hour. Another is to compensate each of you fairly.

Your final exam assignment is to describe in detail what business approach you would propose to accomplish your objectives. In doing so, please be sure to describe:

1) What legal practice or niche you have selected, and why;
2) What are the characteristics of the entity you will form to operate your business, and why you have chosen it;
3) How you will finance this venture, and how you will pay the money back;
4) How you think the marketplace will respond to your venture and why;
5) Specifics as to how you will operate your business;
6) Your approach to fee structures, and why;
7) How are you going to compensate yourself and your employees;
8) How are you going to incorporate technology into your plans;
9) Where do you see the entity in 3, 5 and 10 years;
10) What do each of the 3 of you bring to the entity; and
11) Why did you choose the others to help start this venture.

You will need to be sure to draw from each of our class sessions. Your exam will be worth 100 points. 60 points will be assigned to a technical analysis: following instructions, demonstrating mastery of the subject matter, and that your factual assertions and assumptions are correct. The other 40 points will be assigned to creativity and depth of analysis. I mentioned in class several times that those who anticipate and master the changing marketplace will be the most successful.

Why College football and Basketball atheles should get paid

Research Paper

Must reference at least:
• 4 Articles from scholarly journals, and
• 2 books (chapters are fine), and
• 1 newspaper article
in your paper.

Your Research Paper:
? Choose a controversial topic/issue,
? Decide what position you take on the topic,
? What are people saying about your topic?
? What are some of the opposing viewpoints to your topic?
? Why is this topic worth researching?

high-performance teams

Answer each of the following questions. No answer should exceed one double-spaced typewritten page. The answers must be in your own words. Completed tests will be processed through for originality evaluation. Any answer exceeding 10% matching the text, any other source, or the answer of any other student will not count. You should check your answers before submission to make sure they comply with the originality requirement. You may access at Use Class ID 2102541 and password banana. You should complete your answers in a Microsoft Word document and submit them as an attachment.
1. What are smart goals? Specifically describe the elements that make a goal smart. Identify one of your goals and discuss what makes it a smart goal.
2. Identify and discuss the five stages of group development. Give an example of how each stage was exemplified in a group you have been a member of.
3. Identify and discuss the eight biases that affect decision making.
4. Identify and discuss the eight attributes of high-performance teams. How would you implement each of these stages into a team you lead to maximize team performance?

ABC-X Model

1. Describe what you have learned about divorce in the US today. Include issues about couple deterioration, effects on children and the effects of various divorce and custody laws.

2. Analyze the challenges for stepfamilies at the beginning of their formation and throughout the years. Focus on the strategies that stepfamilies can employ to lead to successful step-parenting.

3. Define what stress is and the most common events that cause it. Using the ABC-X Model, analyze how people cope with stress and how families adapt to it in different ways based upon their own unique situations.

4. Analyze the various roles that arise in the latter stages of family life for individuals over 60 years of age. Talk about retirement, roles and death and dying as you do that. Review the different cultural practices that are explained in the text that either help or hinder people in that era of their life.

5. Explore the impact of work on the family including issues about single parenting, dual earner families, poverty, unemployment and the role of government in addressing some of these issues. Also, describe and analyze the ten strategies for family and work balance.

Cognitive Development

Write a 2?3-page paper on cognitive development that includes the following:
? A brief introduction regarding cognitive development in early childhood.
? A section that compares and contrasts the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky. Describe in what ways they are similar and in what ways are they different.
? A section that applies the theories of cognitive development by describing or creating the methods that could be used to test cognitive development in early childhood. (Examples: object permanence, conservation, deferred imitation, representational thought, accommodation, and so on.) Specify the age range of each test


Essay Question One pargraph. Own words and no plagiarism
Define what is sociologically meant by social location? Why do very few people share exactly the same social location?

SHORT ANSWER. Write the word or phrase that best completes each statement or answers the question. no more than two to three sentences. Own words and no plagiarism
Why is it important to ask neutral questions while conducting sociological research?


One of key public health issue that affects an individual/family/population in your area of practice. Explore and discuss the determinants of the health issue and analyse inequalities and policies that impact on the public health issue.

(OBESITY) One of key public health issue that affects an individual/family/population in your area of practice. Explore and discuss the determinants of the health issue and analyse inequalities and policies that impact on the public health issue. Identify and discuss the role of the nurse (a) assessing the public health needs, and (b) promoting the health and wellbeing of individuals/families/populations.

1. Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of the determinants of health, and demonstrate an understanding of their relevance to health and well-being.

2. Analyse and evaluate the impact of inequalities of health on individuals and populations using current epidemiological data and public health research.

3. Demonstrate an understanding and synthesize the impact of policies on public health and healthcare access, and the structure, organization and delivery of healthcare relevant to the service users in the chosen field.

4. Develop knowledge to systematically assess the health needs of individuals, families and populations taking account of relevant epidemiological and research evidence.

5. Explore the role of the nurse in the promotion of health with individuals, families and populations.

? Identify the public health issue related to your field of practice (give a rationale – why is this relevant to your field of nursing?) The choice of public health issue is wide ? you can choose something which is topical e.g. obesity, exercise, alcohol, smoking, substance use and misuse, sexual health, mental wellbeing, breastfeeding, childhood immunisation. Alternatively you may want to focus on a specific disease/condition such as CHD, HIV, and Dementia ? if you choose this option do not fall into the trap of writing a biomedical essay ? again you must focus on why is this a public health issue and what are the risk factors for individuals.
? Discuss the chosen Public Health issue – to include;
o Exploration of the size of the health problem -who is most affected and why? Discuss trends. Use appropriate epidemiological language; incidences, prevalence, epidemic etc. Examine the impact of the health issue on the population ? consider mortality, morbidity and quality of life.
o In the context of the determinants of health – think about how your chosen public health issue is influenced by the key determinants of health. Do inequalities have an impact on your chosen health issue? What are these?
o Identify any relevant health policies which have been introduced to tackle your chosen health issue – what impact have they had?
? Role of the nurse – what is the role of the nurse in identifying the health needs of individuals/families or communities with your identified public health issue? What health promotion approaches may the nurse use when working to address your chosen health issue – give rationale for your choices (refer back to your year one module Promoting Individual Health to help inform your discussion). Are these primary, secondary or tertiary health promotion approaches?

References: 5. DH (2010) Public Health, healthy people. London: DH
6. DH [2010] Healthy lives, healthy people. London: DH
7. DH [2009]. Health Action Planning and Health Facilitation for people with learning disabilities: good practice guidance. London: DH.
8. DH [2008] The child health promotion programme. London: DH.
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1. Acheson, D (1998) Independent Inquiry Into Inequalities in Health Report. London:The Stationery Office.
2. Linsley P et al (eds) (2011) Nursing for Public Health ? Promotion, principles and practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
3. DH (2010) Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS. London:HMSO
4. Wilkinson R. and Picket K. (2009) The Spirit Level: Why more equal societies almost always do better. London: Penguin

socio-political perspective

This assignment requires you to analyze a health policy document from a socio-political perspective

Your analysis should address the following key questions:

• What is the main health area of the policy? (e.g. mental health, women’s health, etc.)

• Who are the stakeholders in the policy? (e.g. these are the people that have a stake in dealing with the problem, e.g. nurses, children, bio-ethicists, people living in poverty, the disabled, etc.—you may identify stakeholders that are not mentioned in the policy).

• What is the desired outcome/effect of the policy? Why is it important that the health issue be resolved or improved?

• What perspective does the policy take in relation to the structure-agency continuum? (i.e. does the policy focus more on the structures of society (class, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, rurality) or on the actions of individuals and particular groups?)

• What perspective does the policy take in relation to the illness/wellness continuum? (i.e. does it focus more on the treatment of the illness/problem or on the creation of wellness through prevention and early intervention?)

• What do you think the priority areas should be to effectively respond to the health issue/problem described in the policy? Do you think the policy acknowledges and includes these priority areas? Please provide evidence for your answer.

• How does the policy promote participatory care within the normal social contexts of individuals and communities?

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