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What is your ideal job and how will you get it



338 Ark. 556; 999 S.W.2d 669; 1999 Ark. LEXIS 443

FACTS: In 1980. Janet Isbell signed an agreement to REASONING: Sections 4-72-203 and 4-72-202 (6)

become a beauty consultant for Mary Kay. This agree- of the Arkansas Franchise Practices Act establish that

merit established that she would sell products to cus- the act applies only to a franchise that contemplates or

tomers at home demonstration parties, but she was requires the franchise to establish or maintain a place of

prohibited from selling the products in retail establi’sh- business in the state. A place of business is defined as

merits. In I 981 and I991, Isbell signed agreements to ìa fixed geographical location at which the franchisee

become a unit sales director In addition to serving as [1] displays for sale and sells the franchisorës goods or

a beauty consultant, Isbell recruited beauty consul- [2] offers for sale and sells the franchisorës services.” In

tants. In 1994, she rented a space in a shopping mall this case, there was no evidence that Isbell sold Mary

to serve as a training center. In April 1994, Mary Kay ís Kay products from a fixed geographic location. Isbell

legal coordinator contacted Isbell, stating that the store was, in fact, prohibited from selling products from her

space was not to be used to sell Mary Kay products. offce or center. Isbell was to sell products in custom-

According to the agreement, Isbellís office could not ersë homes. Additionally, the agreements signed by

look like a Mary Kay store. In September 1995, the vice Isbell make no mention of a fixed geographic location

president of sales development notified Isbell that Mary as a place of business. There was no evidence that Mary

Kay was terminating its agreements with Isbell. Isbell Kay contemplated that Isbell would maintain a place of a

filed suit against lllarjv Kay, claiming that she was a business inArl(ansas.

fianchise under the Arkansas Franchise Practices Act. DECISION AND RENIEDY The Arkansas Franchise

She argued that Mary Kay violated the Franchise Prac-

tices Act bv refusing to comply with the FPA provisions Pruneì Act md not apply to Isbell because Isbell did not

nurses perception of patient satefty cutlur in north hospitals

Project description
Criteria to be addressed in research proposal evaluation:

1- Title page

2- Problem statement, purpose, questions, hypothesis, variables, definition of terms.

3- Conceptual or theoretical framework utilized.

4- Quality and depth of literature review, use of current references.

5- Methodology: state whether study is quantitative or qualitative, design, sample size/type/selection, instruments for data collection, study procedures, subject protection

6- Data analysis: method and findings

7- Limitations, conclusions, recommendations, ( researcher’s interpretation of findings)

8- Link with nursing practice, education ( researchers and your viewpoint)

9- References page

10- Adhere to APA format: spelling error free ; headings, margins


A- Research design

1- Identify whether the study is quantitative or qualitative.( the study will be quantitative

2- Identify the type of design ( ethnography, correlation ,,, etc )

3- Provide explanation about choice of design.

B- Sample, population

1- Describe the population to be recruited for the study. State the size (n) and demographics preferred. Identify inclusion and exclusion criteria.

2- Identify the selection process. Randomization and type of sampling.

C- Instruments

1- Identify the instruments for data collection

2- Include information about validity and reliability ( from the literature)

3- If a mailed survey will be used. Identify the steps that will be taken to administer and follow up to obtain a high response rate.

D- Data collection Procedures

Collection process to be use

E- Human subjects Protection

1- consent procedure ( form)

2- how will subject be informed about the research study?

3- how will subject be protected to ensure anonymity or confidentiality ?

part 5 data analysis methods :

A- Method: identify type of statistical test ( for quantitative research ) or method ( for qualitative research)

B- Provide explanation about choice of analysis procedure.

free market, industrial revolution

Project description

watch the video and explain about the video shortly, and write about relationship with theory of value, mode of production, and capitalism & feudalism.


this cite is the video . Only need to use this video and dont need outside source.


Reflective Learning Log

Week Learning/Experience/Skill achieved Comments and Relationship to ILP
26/09/14 • Walking around the campus and discovering the university buildings.
• Enrolling to the modules and getting the studying timetable.
• Understanding each module handbook and know all the assessments required for each one. • Starting to understand what to do during the first year.
• Making a study plan for the first term and managing time for studying.

03/10/14 • Reviewing the Mathematics basics and explain some examples of the students background.
• Learning the basics about binary numbers on the Electronics lecture.
• Working on the lab and learn about the equipment and how run each one to use it during lab work. • Getting a good revision on the basics of each module.
• Refreshing students background information to be able to start learning new things.
10/10/14 • Working on the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and being able to run the program by typing programing codes.
• On the Electrical Principles the lecturer and tutor explains different kinds of examples on the DC-circuits. • Learning a new programing language (C++) and understanding how to write the codes on the program.
• I got some examples to work on during the weekend of the Electrical Principles.
17/10/14 • Electronic Design Manufacture and test lab session showed how to build inverting and non-inverting amplifier circuits and test the using the oscilloscope to get the results.
• Working on the Multisim Software during the Professional Development practical session to design DC-circuits and get the results. • Being able to build circuits on the lab by soldering the components using the iron solder to connect the circuit on the breadboard.
• Being familiar with the Multisim to design DC-circuits and test them before building them at the lab.
24/10/14 • Learning more about the complex numbers on the Mathematics and Electronic Principles lectures and how to add, subtract, multiply and divide them.
• On the Electronics lecture we learnt about the Logic Gates like AND, OR and NOT gates and how to use them on our circuits. • I learnt more about the complex numbers and how to use them on solving problems on Mathematics and Electronic Principles.
• I understood the roles of the logic gates and how the output will be for each gate depending on the inputs.
07/11/14 • On Computer Programing lecture and practical we learnt more codes to make calculations using the C++ language by inputting numbers and make the program give the answer as an output.
• Learning more about electrical circuits and how the total resistance should be calculated depending on how they are connected either in series or parallel. • I learnt more skills on how to type computer programing codes simply and use it to do my mathematical calculations on C++.
• I am able to solve DC-circuits that have resistors connected in series or parallel to find the current and voltage by getting the resistance first.
21/11/14 • Professional Development lecturer showed more skills of how to make a professional presentation and use some techniques to deliver the information to the audience simply without any pressure on the presenter.
• On the Electronic Design and Manufacture Design and Test session we learnt how to design and build circuits using PCB software to us it instead of the breadboard and test it. • I learnt how to plan for my presentation and how to manage the topics to link them together so the audience will not feel board and avoid the stress before and while presenting.
• I knew how to use the PCB software and use PCB board to build the circuit and test it professionally instead of the classic breadboard.
05/12/14 • Learning about Matrices on the Mathematics lecture describing how to add and subtract matrices and showed some examples on it can be different depending on the number of rows and columns.
• On the Electronics practical session we worked on designing and building simple traffic controller circuit using combinational logic. • I learnt how

Ethical Process approach and steps to Controversial Issues

Describe Ethical Process approach and steps to Controversial Issues. As an example, apply Ethical Process to one of the controversial issues analysed in “Science in the News” Course: make your considerations about the resources to analyse and the path to follow for addressing the issue with Ethical Process.


Order Description

Discuss the pharmacokinetic environment of the patient below. Please illustrate the key systems and diseases and how the patient’s ability to metabolize and excrete medication differs from a healthy individual.
C.K. is a 73-year old female presenting to the Emergency Department with complaints of somnolence and anorexia for 36 hours. Recent 11 pound weight gain refractory to diuresis, LE edema, and nocturnal dyspnea (sleeps sitting), her past medical history is significant for atrial fibrillation, kidney dysfunction, and diabetes mellitus. Echocardiogram three months ago revealed ejection fraction of 18 percent.
Medication Profile
Pravastatin 10 mg po daily
Lisinopril 2.5 mg po daily
Digoxin 0.125 mg po daily
Warfarin 7.5 mg po daily
HCTZ 25 mg po daily
Metformin 1000 mg po BID
Uric acid 11, BUN 44 and SCr 1.8. ALT 375, AST 401, LDH 254 and albumin 3.1. Cholesterol 254 and LDL 185, HgA1c 10%
Assignment 3 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Correctly identified dysfunctional organ systems that contribute to pharmacokinetic status. 15
Demonstrated understanding of altered response to medication secondary to dysfunctional organs. 15
Used vocabulary relevant to the current week’s topics. 5
Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary. Cited all sources using APA format. 5
Total: 40

Ethical Leadership: the effects on employee’s analytical study

Order Description

This should be an analytic study, it should argues about the influence of ethical leader in the efficiency of works. I thinking of it this way.

Definition of ethical leadership
The development of ethical leadership
Patterns of ethical leadership
The core functions of ethical leadership
The influence of the ethical leader on employees
Advantages of ethical leadership in the public sector
The challenges of ethical leadership in the public sector
Barriers ethical leadership in the public sector
The role of ethical leadership in raising the efficiency of works in the public sector
What change effects leadership can make in the public sector work cultural

Conclusion and Recommendations

Statement of Purpose

Order Description

A 750-1,000 word written statement of your academic goals – include your research area of interest for advanced study and your post-degree goals.

Please include the following and add more, feel free to rephrase and edit

Academic goals:
Gain necessary knowledge and skills to be able to make a tangible difference and change in my country. I would like to gain the necessary critical thinking skills to be able to resolve conflicts
Engage in and conduct research in order to apply it later in my country
To prepare me to be professional in my field and area of expertise
Interact with scholars and benefit from their experiences and knowledge
Please add more

Research area
I would like to focus on Entrepreneurship, Growth, and Public Policy to utilize them to make a difference

Check out this link to add more information

Post degree goals
Contribute and make a tangible difference in the education system in my country
Develop new curriculums
Empower the women role in my country through giving the necessary knowledge and skills through education
To be able to develop policies that will promote growth and enhance the education system and be in the service of my country
In order to resume a position of leadership in my government

Assignment 5: Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan

Due Week 10 and worth 300 points
Read the weekly assigned chapters and view the lectures before beginning the assignment.
Read the case study titled “A Successful Downsizing: Developing a Culture of Trust and Responsibility” before starting this assignment.
Write a seven to ten (7-10) page paper in which you:
1. Describe specific practices that successful project managers apply in exercising their leadership and management roles overall.
2. Evaluate Judy Stokley’s level of success in developing a culture of trust while implementing her drawdown plan as Eglin Air Base’s new Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) program director. Provide three (3) specific examples to support the response.
3. Indicate three (3) key learning and behavior modification strategies that Judy Stokley used in order to address AMRAAM’s organizational problems and gain the trust of project team members. Provide three (3) specific examples to support the response.
4. Analyze three (3) actions that Judy Stokley took in order to change the project team’s culture and create a relationship of trust, mutual support, and teamwork between the government and contractors. Support the response with three (3) specific corresponding examples.
5. Create a personal leadership development plan for Judy Stokley so that she may be eligible for future promotions to leadership roles beyond program director. The plan should, at a minimum, focus on promoting key leadership behaviors, designate specific strategies to promote a higher level of performance relative to the position, and specify actions that Judy could take to promote the AMRAAM culture in her new role.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:
• Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
• Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
• Apply the concepts of project leadership to implement sound leadership practices and effectively lead high-performance teams in a project environment.
• Determine the most appropriate leadership style (e.g., directive, consultative, participative, or delegative) in a project environment to effectively manage the project.
• Apply successful leadership practices to inspire and encourage teams through shared vision, purpose, and commitment, and set high expectations to promote a higher level of performance.

Develop productive relationships with project participants to gain the trust of project team members and build the personal credibility required for effective leadership.
• Use technology and information resources to research issues in project management leadership.
• Write clearly and concisely about project management leadership using proper writing mechanics.
Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic / organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using the following rubric. Points: 300 Assignment 5: Organizational Change and Personal Leadership Development Plan
Criteria Unacceptable

Statement of Purpose

Order Description

A 1,000- to 2,000-word statement of interest in the Organizational Leadership program addressing such topics as the candidate’s view of leadership, ability to create followers, propensity to take risks, perseverance and demonstrated achievements, future career/life objectives, and reasons for pursuing a doctoral program.

Include the following and feel free to rephrase add and edit to make it better:

Candidate’s view of leadership:
I aspire to inspire and would like to lead by example therefore I need the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to make a difference; I want to be able to influence people and inspire them.

Add more please and Mention and include the propensity to take risks, perseverance and demonstrated achievements

Future career:
I am targeting the education sector either the ministry of the education evaluation committee because I believe education is the capstone to change, and knowledge is power

Life objective:
To be able to make a tangible difference in the world especially to my country and contribute back to the efforts they invested in me.

Feel free to rephrase it and make it better

Reasons for pursuing a doctoral program.
In order to accomplish my future goals I need the necessary knowledge and skills and I believe that your program will help me do that

Add more please

Use the following link for more information

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